Bachelor International Business Studies (IBS)

The Bachelor International Business Studies (IBS) with its specialism International Business (IB), and International Communication Management (ICM-PA) – Public Affairs, International Communication Management (ICMBC) – Business Communication, International Communication Management (ICM-JO) – Journalism is challenging and a truly international program. Our faculty staff and teaching methods, curriculum development and enriching learning experiences create a culture of global academic excellence.

This broad Bachelor program gives the student the opportunity to specialize from an initial joint start. It is therefore still possible to change direction after the start of the program.

This reduces the chance of failure. The world we live in is constantly changing. Borders are disappearing and globalization increasingly influences the way we live and work. Large companies rely on intensive international contacts or are themselves part of larger multinationals.

In Curacao and Aruba most financial companies and hotels are bound to international chains and businesses. (Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), MCB BANK/NovaScocia Bank, Renaissance Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Hyatt Hotel). We are training professionals who speak their language(s), have excellent communication skills and are aware of the cultural differences involved in doing business internationally.

The Bachelor International Business Studies (IBS) has four specialisms:

  1. International Business (IB)
  2. International Business Studies (IBS) specialism in communication:
  • International Communication Management (ICM-PA) – Public Affairs
  •  International Communication Management (ICM-BC) – Business Communication
  •  International Communication Management (ICM-JO) – Journalism


These programs are offered as Full time and Part time studies.