International Communication Management

Start: September

Type: Fulltime & part time

Program: Bachelor: 4 Year

International Communication @ UDC

The Dutch Caribbean region has plenty of job vacancies searching for communication professionals. In the fast pace changing world of social media, corporate communication, journalism and public relations highly educated professionals are sought after, but employers are forced to turn to either people who did their education abroad (The Netherlands, USA) or hire people from different fields and train them on the job.


Starting September 2017, the UDC will offer the Bachelor education


International Communication, the first in the Dutch Caribbean region.

ICM is for students who want to work in Public Affairs, Corporate Communication or Journalism. This 4-year Bachelor consists of these three majors that share a large part of the basic curriculum, be it working with assignments of their own field and separate perspectives. In year three students will do an internship in the work field of their major and in year four they will finalize their portfolio that proves they have reached the University of Applied Science-level in terms of products, research and professional behavior.

Communication Specialism in the Bachelor program:

  1. Public Affairs combines government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice. Practitioners build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.
  1. Business Communication entails the sharing of information between people within an enterprise that is performed for the commercial benefit refer to how a company shares information to promote its product or services to potential consumers.
  1. Journalism is a well-known profession, but there are many different aspects. From data-reporting to TV broadcast, photography to social media publication and radio hosting. All these aspects will be part of the curriculum.



ICM will be taught in English, a test will be part of the intake procedure. Generally speaking an IELTS-level of 6,5 or a 70 TOEFL is required. Emphasis is on reading and listening skills. Students can participate in an enhanced course if their English is not fully up to par. Advanced courses English for Communication Professionals will be part of the regular curriculum.

Students will be allowed to hand in their professional products in English, Dutch, Papiamentu and Spanish, to cater for the needs of their envisioned work field.

Students will be trained for functioning in a global village, internationality and intercultural aspects are key aspects of communication. In today’s communication world, every professional need to be able to switch and combine all the different online and offline media platforms. And to be able to integrate new communication methods in the blink of an eye.

Professions that are open to graduated ICM-students are: Social Media manager, journalist (broadcast, narrowcast and newspaper/ magazine), corporate communication management, spokesperson, PR-professional (or –consultant), Customer Relations Officer, campaign management, etc., etc.

The ICM-bachelor is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of Curacao and aims to be accredited in 2019 by the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization) and/or the CHEA (USA, Council for Higher Education Accreditation). Students of ICM @UDC will be eligible for study loans of the Curacao government SSC.

The University of the Dutch Caribbean has offered higher education since 1997. Currently the UDC offers a Bachelor in Business Administration with 8 different majors and a Bachelor of Laws (HBO – Rechten) with two majors. The UDC is conveniently located in Landhuis Groot Davelaar in Willemstad. The UDC is known for its community of learners, a close connection to lecturers that earned and earn their credits inthe field of their teaching.

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